Be the Change. A movement is growing in this country to bring the twenty-first century church back to its first century roots.  New models of ministry are emerging to create an ancient/modern church.  Discipleship is replacing membership, and gift-based ministry teams are replacing committees. is a part of that movement.
The Academy for transformational Leadership The Commision for Transforming Churches The Leaders Gathering

Transforming leadership will help spark the renewal of the centrist church. We help grow first century leaders for the 21st century.

This Commission of the ELCA Southeastern Synod was born out of our vision to become the Great Commission Synod. We equip churches to thrive in a changing world.

The Transformational Leaders Gathering (TLG) is a growing grassroots network of pastors mentoring, sharing, and encouraging each other in new models of ministry for the 21st Century.

We equip congregations to thrive in a changing world. The transformational journey is a lonely one. Breaking out of the status quo always creates turbulence. You can’t leave the comfort zone without some discomfort. Most pastors do not have the experience and skill to lead a change effort. Attempts to transform organizations are painful and often unsuccessful.

This web community is a resource for that lonely journey. We are a gathering place for leaders seeking direction, an oasis in the desert. The Ministry Network connects Christian leaders with coaches and mentors who are a few steps down the road and willing to help. Academy and TLG workshops will grow your network, introduce you to key concepts, and hone your leadership skills. The Toolbox is a database of the best resources to guide and support transformation.

Moses…David…the Disciples…Throughout history, God has called forth unlikely leaders, and empowered them through the wisdom and power of the Spirit. Is He calling you to lead?

Unless we are willing to commit to our own personal transformation, we cannot hope to influence our church to do so. Many pastors have told us, “This is not what I signed on for, and this wasn’t the deal when I went to seminary.” Indeed, the game has changed, and the roles of the pastor and lay leaders must change if we are to adapt to the new realities we face.